Reason To Install a Modern Mailbox

A house or an apartment building without the quintessential mailbox looks kind of incomplete. Sure, the tradition of mounting individual letter boxes for receiving mails and parcels have been adopted as early as the 1900s but the tradition is still going strong. Yes! The designs along with the style has been altered to suit to the convenience of today’s generation but the advantage of having a modern mailbox mounted just outside one’s home remains undeterred to date.

The materials along with the variety of colors found in letter boxes are definitely better though. However, it may be necessary to install a sturdy post for mounting an aesthetically pleasing post box many a time. No worries, almost all mail box suppliers offer this particular accessory along with the box itself. Apartment and condo unit residents usually prefer to have a double mailbox post installed near their main entrance in order to maintain uniformity.

Although the onslaught of mails have reduced somewhat with the advent of electronic mail and other forms of communication, yet every mailbox are stuffed to the brim with letters, cards, and flyers when the yearend festivities are in the air.

Thankfully, it is not mandatory to visit a store offering mailboxes physically anymore. The boxes can be selected online and ordered ASAP as well. There are numerous resources that claim to be the very best in the trade though. It would certainly help to categorize one’s needs before hitting the order button therefore.

Considerations to keep in mind before choosing a mailbox

  • Climatic conditions that may affect the mailbox placed outside

  • Size of packages received via mail usually

  • Mounting area convenient for accessing mails

  • Number of people who will be accessing the mail box regularly

Letter boxes for residential use not only come in varied shapes and sizes but are also designed employing diverse materials. From the classic wood to sturdy metals such as steel and the elegant but heavy brass along with the modern day plastic, the user is spoilt for choice when it is becomes necessary to select the perfect mailbox for a residence/office. Aluminum is highly preferred for mailboxes though. The multiple benefits coupled with its affordability make such mail boxes the Number 1 choice of people worldwide.

Advantages of installing Aluminum Mail Boxes

Design – The metal is intensely easy to be cast into a mold so that the designer can work on it creating intricate patterns. From a Victorian letter box to a modern day one, every style and design can be mimicked to perfection when cast aluminum is utilized to fashion it.

Rust – Rusting happens to be a common problem when an article made of iron is placed outside the house. An Aluminum mailbox is unable to be touched by the natural elements though making it a great container for receiving mails for years at a stretch. Giving it a vigorous rub with an easily available cleaner ensures removal of dust making it look as good as new every time. Maintenance is definitely a breeze when the mailbox is made of aluminum.

The light weight and durable nature makes it convenient to mount as well. It is also easy to assemble and can be taken apart within minutes when it is time to move.


Need For Installing a Locking Mail Box

Buying a home and moving into it finally is definitely a dream come true for many people who had been saving up for this day. There are interiors to take care of and the garden to attend to eventually. However, it might be wise to turn one’s attention to the possibility of installing a residential mailbox so that any form of communication does not get waylaid. After all, no individual even when living at home can hope to keep an eye on the lane outside 24X7 and be on a look out for the mailman perpetually.

Having a locking mail box mounted right in front of the house happens to be the perfect finishing touch for any home. Sure, it is possible to opt for a commonplace postbox as well but it is always best to consider the security while buying a mailbox. Identity theft is definitely on the rise today and having the mails go missing will certainly not do.

Reasons for buying a mailbox

  • True, the ordinary postal mails may be few and far between and most communication that happens to be urgent can be delivered via the electronic route today. Yet, there are bills and notices to think of and one often finds them stuffed into the letter box of a home. No worries though! The sturdy mailboxes that can be locked securely also double up as containers of all the mails while the homeowner is away on a vacation. There is absolutely no possibility of a stranger making off with the new credit card or important documents that had been hand delivered to the residential address.

  • Sure, the boxes that can be locked securely are a trifle heavy as most of them are crafted out of metal. Fortunately, it is mostly aluminum, the lightest metal obtainable for everyday use. It can be molded to suit the convenience perfectly while not compromising security in any way. Mounting is not too difficult either and the mail that is put into it remains untouched by the elements of nature for days allowing the residents to go away for a long vacation without having to worry about their mail.

  • Having a beautiful home in a quiet neighborhood or a bustling city is no different when the owner is concerned with the aesthetics though. The home can be spruced up with a lick of paint and the frontage tidied up to make it attain a picture like appearance. A mail box does not have to have an ungainly appearance either. In fact, the modern day boxes are available in a variety of colors and styles that compliment a home without becoming an eyesore.

It makes sense to go mail box shopping therefore and opt for one that suits every purpose while adding to the curb appeal. It does not have to be pricey either. In fact, the best ones happen to be quite affordable in comparison to the amazing features they offer.


Cast Aluminum Mailboxes: Built To Last!

A home situated in a tree lined avenue or a quiet neighborhood is indeed pleasant to look at. The lush gardens as well as its frontage definitely appeals to the eye and many old timers wish to move into the area for its promise of serenity. The effect of a quaint old mailbox installed right in the front is definitely an added attraction. The sight of a homeowner retrieving mail from the letter box adds to the charm as well.

Well, the varieties of mailboxes are too numerous to consider. From the customary wooden ones to the more sturdy builds crafted out of steel, aluminum and iron along with the modern vinyl made letter boxes, the consumer is often spoiled for choice. The styles vary sharply from the conventional to contemporary mailboxes as well, while the colors are likely to jolt even the most laid back man into action.

However, there is more to the humble mail box than meets the eye. The highly popular cast aluminum mailboxes are known for their lightness as well as durability. Plus its no-rust property makes it the number 1 seller today. It can definitely be installed without ado and the user is free to embellish it or opt for one with additional features. In short, there is certainly no ‘one size fits all’ dogma applicable here.

Advantages of installing a decorative mail box

  • Curb Appeal – A mail box that has the paint peeling off or its sides battered is definitely an eyesore. Yet, the efficacy of the box cannot be undermined in any way making it one of the must have items both for standalone homes and apartment buildings. Having an attractive letter box installed is sure to attract the bystanders making the property noticeable in an endearing manner. The enhanced curb appeal adds to the value of the property with the owner likely to obtain the asking price when it is time sell off the house and move away.
  • Its Different! – A mailbox that catches the eye on a busy road or a sleepy village avenue is definite make heads turn. Having a customized mailbox right in front is likely make the concerned box distinguishable from the rest with almost everyone being able to identify it by description in absence of the full address.
  • Style – The consumer needs to know his mind of course before ordering a mailbox. Customizing it to match the house or the customer’s tastes is sure to go a long way in converting an ordinary property into an upscale house. Adding the right architectural touch with features that remind an onlooker of the bygone era is likely to remain in mind too.
  • Personality – A mail box can be decorated in keeping with the personality of the owner. Whether the user is a business man or a harried executive, an artist or a student, every letter box can bear his/her stamp of distinction making the home instantly recognizable.

It is not all about style though. The mailbox can be fitted with locks and double doors or given an enticing brick like appearance depending on the requirement of the owner.


Reasons To Opt For a Double Mailbox Post

An impersonal house may have all the features that are coveted yet it seldom invokes a sense of excitement or achievement. Purchasing the property and slowly embellishing it with items that leaves a distinct impression about the character of the owner is likely to turn it into a home. A place where the tired body and weary heart comes back for rest! Sure, the interiors are much focused upon, yet the great outdoors can prove to be a restful place too with a growing garden and well maintained lawns. However, the most important factor that makes a stranger check out the location is the sight of an attractive letter box installed right in the front.

It has managed to hold on to its importance even in this age of technology. Sure, the letters may not be as frequently received as before but the mailbox is often seen overflowing to the brim with flyers and adverts, invitations and vital bank notifications. No one wants the vital correspondence to be mislaid though and tries to protect them at all costs. Hence the need for a mailbox with lock!

First things first though! One can be sure of finding the right one by checking a few of the popular online resources and simply order the one that meets with the requirements. However, installing it can be a different ball game together. Many individuals are not averse to adding a bit of concrete on their walls and then place the mailbox firmly on top of it so that it remains securely fixed. This is not what the post office recommends though. Almost every postal authority advises the user to opt for post on which the box can be placed. This is sure to save the consumer for incurring additional expenses in instance of an auto accident when the mailbox refuses to give way, damaging the expensive vehicle in the process.

Types of multi mail box posts

While it is mandatory to have a post installed for a solitary letter box, the 2-4 family units along with condos are all the rage now. Such houses have several families living it and just installing a lone mail container will not suffice. The apartment owners or the property developer usually opts for multiple or a double mailbox post that can be installed attractively thus adding to the curb appeal.

  • Classic – The classic style remains much in vogue today as it was in the last century. They are usually equipped to have double boxes placed on the pedestal with an empty space available for inserting the address plaque as well.
  • Rockport – This one is definitely a winner! A vinyl cover can be slipped over the wooden post to protect it from the natural elements. This conforms with the popular New England style and can be used for mailboxes that have doors on both ends to avoid stepping outside into the street for retrieving the mail.

Sure, aluminum happens to be the most preferred metal for mail boxes for its lightweight property. However, it is also possible to order a customized box in varied materials along with dimensions in order to make it stand out from the others on the street.


Advantages Of Opting For Custom Mailboxes

Driving through a residential neighborhood is bound to be pleasant. It is indeed great to find beautiful homes on either side of the thoroughfare and little children playing in the green playgrounds. However, the effect is totally lost when one chances upon an ugly mail box that sticks out like a sore thumb. It is therefore important to think about the aesthetics and opt for a new mailbox once you move into a serene locality by purchasing the right home.

There is no need to opt for a standard wooden letter box though. You would actually be astounded to find numerous beautiful mailboxes on offer. Simply visit the most reputed store online and look for the features that you would like to incorporate. From classic to decorative and architectural the choices will flabbergast you. Not finding one that caters to all your needs? No worries put in a request for custom mailboxes and add the specifications you have in mind. You will receive the required product at the earliest, that too at an cost effective price.

However, dimension is not the only criteria when choosing to go with a bespoke mailbox though. You will have the option of adding a number of additional features to a personalized letter box that bears your hallmark. Your home is sure to be identified by your unique mailbox thereafter. No one is going to look at the number of your house when trying to locate it.

Top Mailboxes to consider

Classic – It is sturdy and is likely to remind you of the times when the world had been a simpler place. Cast aluminum of the finest quality is used to design it and the architecture is bound to take you back to the Victorian ages. Go ahead and enjoy the timeless appeal by installing the mail box right in front of your home. You will not lack for attention.

Wall Mounts– This one is perfect for smaller homes especially in an urban location. There is no front yard to speak of with the houses being close to each other. The best bet is to settle for a letter box can be mounted on the wall next to the doorbell. It serves the purpose magnificently and is available at an affordable price as well.

Locking – No one could imagine locking up the mailbox just a few years ago. Unfortunately, crime is rife today and many offenders are not above pinching your newly arrived credit card or a check from .within your letter box. It is better to be safe than sorry however and choose to buy a locking mailbox that can protect your mail without reducing the aesthetic appeal.

Most people go with the flow and choose a contemporary mailbox in keeping with the present times. Sure, it comes with all the necessary features and happens to be both sturdy and durable. The sleek lines and the exciting color varieties are in tune with the surroundings that help in increasing the curb appeal considerably too.


Aluminum Mailboxes That Will Withstand the Test of Time

Our company produces aluminum mailboxes. We are very passionate about the quality of the products that we manufacture. The nonferrous metal we use will never rest, and our aluminum mailboxes are treated with a special DuPont finish to provide an…


Know More About Post Mount Mailbox

Even after having all those basic amenities at home, there is still something needed to give the outdoor a holistic look and it has to be a mailbox. A good mailbox is not just installed to receive mails but also adds to the overall beauty of the front-yard. A simple home in the main door should not be choice, for it will definitely destroy the view of one’s beloved door. Even though there are some main doors that include holes for mails, it will be more convenient for one to buy and install mailbox and post set in front of one’s home, especially if the property is surrounded by fences and the postman cannot easily access the front door or least likely cannot leave any mails outside the property. It is important to consider this fact while buying a mailbox for one’s home because most of the time one will receive billing statements, mails, and newsletters.

Moreover, mailboxes and posts are very important in every household because one can receive mails even during one’s absence. For those who are not available in home during weekdays, and the only time they are inside their home during the weekends when unfortunately no mail delivery takes place, having a white mailbox installed outside can easily solve this issue. Thus, the demand for posts and mailboxes arises to make sure that all mails can be received even when one is out.

There are many post mount mailboxes available one can buy online at affordable prices. They are all designed to make sure that they will last for a lifetime. Normally, these mailbox posts are made up of aluminum to avoid corrosion. Available in different colors, one can easily choose the right design. Some mailboxes and posts are designed with space for potted plants and hanging plants as well to make sure that it will look lovely and homey. One can always personalize one’s mailbox by placing one’s favorite plants on the post.

Consequently, one should not worry about placing the mailbox outside the home since it is weather resistant and rust free. Irrespective of the change in weather, the mails remains dry and undamaged. There are also some larger aluminum mailboxes available on the market which are typically designed to accommodate all one’s mails. The designs of the mailboxes available in the market will surely add flair to the beauty of the outdoor. So, instead of having a home in the front door, it is ideal to have a good post mount mailbox which will serve both ways, creating a win-win situation.

Remember, it is ultimately choice that matters, when it comes to making the home look beautiful, and choice is key for unleashing its true beauty. So, go online and find more information and resources on post mount mailboxes, curb appeal and colors. So don’t waste time. Shop online and get the best product from a reputable site at an excellent price.


Advantages Of Installing A Decorative Bronze Mailbox

You’ve got mail,’ is certainly not a term coined after the advent of emails, it was always there albeit discretely. The tradition of receiving mails from friends and family members had been an occasion for joy not too many years ago. Sadly, the long and impatient wait for mails to arrive has been lost when speed became all important. However, the mailboxes are still seen installed in almost every curb and the house owner is seen opening it every now and then too.

Going house hunting and decorating it in order to convert an impersonal building into a cozy home is a pleasurable venture. Shopping for a mailbox to add appeal to the curb is not a thing of the bygone era yet. It is important to consider the diverse types of mailboxes available now before selecting the one that can remain functional for years. Opting for a plain one is not really a crime but choosing to have a decorative mailbox is sure to earn a second glance.

The variety is mind-boggling though. There are umpteen kinds that delight the heart. From antique mailboxes to carved aluminum ones along with brass and bronze mailbox, it sure is a difficult decision. Why is adorning a mailbox so appealing though? It remains outside the home and can be vandalized or damaged due to a natural cause yet a host of people opt to spend good money on installing a decorative mailbox right on their curb. Is there any necessity for doing so?

Benefits of considering a decorative mailbox

Curb Appeal – A wooden or plain metal mailbox that looks ungainly turns into an eyesore soon. It is sure to have a negative effect on the overall appeal of the property too. A decorative letter box, on the contrary, not only grabs eyeballs but can also increase the value of the house significantly.

Difference – A mailbox adorned enticingly is definite to attract attention especially when the others along the street look identical. The unique look is easy to locate from afar and no visitor needs to ask around once he / she finds the right street. The exclusivity holds a certain appeal as well making the house instantly recognizable by its letter box.

Matching Style – When the home décor almost always matches the style of the house, why should the mail drop box be any different? A professional mailbox provider can incorporate an antique design or give it a classy finish in keeping with the style of the house that takes on an up market status once the box has been installed.

Personal Touch – The mailbox makers of today are adept at customizing the pillar box with all the features required to add a personal touch. This makes the letter box become identifiable by its owner. It is sure to give a unique satisfaction that is hard to beat.

Apart from aesthetics it is essential to look for durability and ease of use when installing a mail box. It might turn out to be the pride of the neighborhood yet.