Advantage Of Buying Custom Mailboxes

Having a mail box in front of one’s home or at the end of a driveway is common enough. The mailman delivers the mail regularly with the concerned individual remaining secure in the knowledge that no item will be mislaid. However, there is more to a mail box than its basic function. It happens to be an important item of adornment as well and has the power to enhance the valuation of the property as well.

It definitely helps to go for a distinctive drop box that personifies an individual. Custom mailboxes can be ordered from almost all quality companies offering mailboxes for both residential and commercial use. While adding the name and address to a mail box might help to identify the said property, there are various other features of customization that can be incorporated in order to make a statement.

A decorative mail box created according to the specifications of the home owner is a cost effective way to stand out. A unique post box that is pleasing to the eye can earn kudos for its owner with both the home and its owner gaining popularity within a short time. A letter box fashioned as an antique item dating back to the Victorian era is highly coveted today too. Almost all the sprawling houses built to represent a mansion can benefit by installing a mail box that matches the architecture perfectly.

True, it was wood that had been in vogue then and a mailbox can still be made out of wood. Unfortunately, maintenance is not easy but the one that mimics the appearance of wood while being designed out of a more modern material that is easy to maintain and totally functional can be the right choice.

It is the modern mailbox that is preferred today though. It is definitely functional but happens to be trendy as well with today’s generation describing it as ‘uber cool.’

Contemporary Mailbox Features To Look For

Utility – Almost all homeowners are aware of the basic features of a mail box. While many residents prefer to have an extra compartment for holding their daily newspapers, the modern letter box comes with several other features that enhance its functionality greatly. It is possible to fit the mail box with multiple security measures in order to prevent theft today. Having an extra large compartment capable of holding a week’s or month’s mail together is definitely an advantage for people who need to travel regularly.

Finish – Orange is not regarded to be the new black as far as mailboxes are concerned. Black rules here! That does not mean that the box cannot be ordered in any other hue. In fact, there is a dazzling array of the colors available today. A metallic finish in steel grey, blue, and brown are in high demand as well.

Sure, maximum mail boxes remain obscure and blend into the background but a few of them catch the eye in a shocking or pleasing manner. There are flashy colors and sleek designs that make the letter boxes offbeat and alluring causing the homeowner to gain prominence.


Reasons To Buy a New Mailbox

There are mailboxes and then there are mailboxes. In fact, one just cannot miss seeing them on every street, bang in the front of most homes. While the technological advance may have robbed the art of letter writing by replacing it with emails and texts, yet the attraction of letter boxes remain strong.

Moving into a new home is exciting indeed and sprucing it up even more so. Sadly, the importance of buying a new mailbox has waned considerably with many a homeowner only waking up to the need when the letters and cards do not get delivered. Checking with the post office every single day is definitely an inconvenience prompting a new homeowner to buy the best possible mailbox and getting it installed promptly.

Purchasing one nonchalantly without thought or reason is not going to be advantageous though. Buying the tiny box has to be done just right and in accordance with one’s necessity. Checking the pros and cons of each happens to be important too as one cannot afford to go mailbox shopping frequently.

Things to Consider before shopping for a mail box

  • The number of individuals who will be receiving mail and other items periodically
  • The right place to install it
  • Possible quantity of mails expected per day
  • Will it be utilized by a single family or multiple ones?
  • Does the area experience frequent rainfall and thunderstorms?

The answers to the questions above will enable the user to assess the needs perfectly and choose the right mailbox that is sure to remain functional for a long time.

Guideline For Buying A Letter Box

Materials – The material of a mail box is of utmost importance. Not only does it add to the curb appeal but it can prove to be a safety vault for all kinds of documents and parcels too. Sure, a plastic box can look colorful and attractive. However, its brittleness makes it improper for prolonged use. The metal drop boxes such as the ones made out of stainless steel can serve the purpose admirably but need to be treated for water resistance. It is the same for light weight aluminum boxes! However, the mail boxes made out of cast aluminum can be fashioned into beautiful artifacts thus adding to the aesthetic appeal.

Features– True, mailboxes come in a wide variety with an astounding amount of features included. However, not all the features are required to make it functional though. It is necessary to give it some thought before deciding to buy one that has rear access or one doubling up as a newspaper holder. It is best to go for a locked mail box in order to keep the letters, cards, checks, and other important mails secured. Customizing the box by adding one’s name and house number makes it stand apart and serves as an instant identifier as well.

There are designs galore of course with one to suit every style. The top companies offer a wide range of designs that can be sourced online without having to visit a number of stores in town.


Reasons To Look At Mailboxes For Sale

Moving into a new neighborhood can be exciting indeed. There are many things to take care of and tidying up the house can take many days. Installing a mail box right in front of the entrance or on the curb at the earliest may prove to be advantageous as the letters and other papers including cards do not get lost thereby causing hardships right at the beginning. Getting a brand new mail box installed is yet another symbol of converting an impersonal house into a cozy home. The box, however inconsequential it may be can prove to both attractive as well as useful forging an identity for the concerned homeowner.

Choosing mailbox for a brand new home or simply replacing the old and worn out one does not seem to be a big deal. The truth varies sharply, however, as one is simply astounded to find choices galore from the classic designs to the ultra modern ones and everything in between. The materials differ too with metallic boxes being preferred over the wooden ones. Unfortunately, one might be shocked to find the letter box of one’s choice beyond the budget. No worries though there are many mailboxes for sale available at affordable rates as well.

Aesthetics do count as does a handy storage for mails, letters and documents that get sent to a particular address periodically. Sadly, the residents need to look out for their own security and need to ensure that their property remains locked at all times especially when the owners happen to be away. However, the mail boxes are not above being pilfered too. There are many criminals and petty thieves lurking about who think nothing about going through another person’s private mail and pinching the new credit card or packages that had been delivered by the local Post office.

It is best to choose a sturdy and locked mailbox in today’s day and age in order to maintain one’s privacy and keep the belongings intact. The checks and assorted cards are thus secured while the identity can be guarded closely thanks to the lock on the mail box as well. Sure, the mail boxes keep everything within it totally protected but it is certainly not at the cost of aesthetics though.

It is possible to obtain one with the most modern locking system today and in a number of mounting options right from a wall mount, post mount or a multi-mount depending on the style and design of the home in question. The designs are elegant while the locking system deters all kinds of theft attempts as well. Moreover, these mail boxes are definitely not ungainly or heavy. In short, it brings the best of both the worlds together thus making such mail boxes the first choice of customers across the country.

It might seem to be too time consuming to go out and shop for a mail box only. Fortunately, many companies have their best products available online today thus making it convenient and cost effective to buy a mailbox according to the requirement.


Here’s How To Choose The Best Bronze Mailbox For One’s Home

The mailbox plays an important role when it comes to creating an aesthetically appealing and consistent look of the house. In fact, mailboxes are vital in creating the first impression of a home. The mailbox is the visual clip that visitors recognize immediately. Just investing a few more dollars into the mailbox can considerably increase the value of the house to great extent. 

These days, mailboxes come in various styles and designs which when installed can certainly enhance the aesthetic appeal of the home. Individuals who are looking forward to buy new mailboxes to give the home a striking look can go through the following points:

  • As the mailboxes are available in varied price ranges, it is important to choose a mailbox that is within the budget. The costs of the mailboxes usually differ depending on the designs and the types of materials used to manufacture the mailbox. Thus, one should consider the budget when choosing a mailbox.
  • The next important point that one should pay attention to when choosing a mailbox is to check the hinges of the mailbox. Make sure that the hinges are safe, robust and hard-wearing. In addition, one should check the workmanship of the product and make sure that all joints are placed together in an even manner. Find out if the mailbox has been dyed and sealed appropriately and check if it can bear all kinds of climatic conditions.
  • When choosing a mailbox, one should take into consideration the look of the home as well as the appearance of the front yard and the backyard. For example, one can opt for an antique mailbox in case the home imparts a traditional look. In addition, the military or brick mailbox can also be purchased as they impart a rustic look to the home. In contrast, if the house has a contemporary look then one can choose to install bronze mailbox as it offers a modern look.
  • Size is also an important thing that needs to be considered when buying a mailbox. Find out whether the home is used for vacation purpose whether this is the primary address for the entire family. For example, in case it is used for vacationing purpose only, one can choose to buy a mailbox that is smaller in size. On the other hand, a bigger mailbox can be purchased in case the home houses a big family. In case a person is not visiting the home often, then they should think of buying a lockable mailbox.
  • Color is another most important factor to consider when it comes to choosing mailboxes. One can either go for a standard black or blue colored mailbox or can choose the more contemporary designed mailboxes.

These are some of the most important points to consider when it comes to choosing the best mailbox for the home.


Plus Points Of Installing Double Mailboxes

Simply buying a house in a good neighborhood is not enough. It needs to be converted into a home slowly too. This is not bound to happen overnight though and homeowners have to look for the things that can spruce up their interiors. However, it is important to enhance one’s curb appeal at the same time too. How else to do it but install a great looking mailbox right in front of the home?

Choosing beautiful mailboxes is not going to be a problem though. There are quite a few companies that specialize in them. However, the importance lies in checking one’s requirements for mailboxes are not created alike. Residents can find them in a number of sizes and materials. The trick is to choose diligently while not detracting from its aesthetic appeal.

The costs definitely need to be contemplated along with the durability factor. It would be wise to opt for a sturdy metal such as aluminum that is both lightweight and non-corrosive making it last for years. Selecting from an astounding variety is sure to pose a problem, however. The top manufacturers of mailboxes have a number of options for their customers including ones following the classic design in vogue in the Victorian era and the most modern styles that are simple and elegant at the same time and will not take up a lot of space when installed securely.

The urban neighborhoods and multi housing areas prefer to have double mailboxes installed, however. Many housing contractors and property developers along with housing associations prefer to install the double boxes primarily for cutting costs. Fortunately, that is not the sole advantage that one can associate with a double mailbox installed on either side of a post though.

Why are double mailboxes in demand?

Mail Delivery – The residents of a housing complex or an area that has double mailboxes benefit greatly by receiving their mails and parcels earlier than their neighbors. The postal delivery person does not have to stop to make the deliveries often as multiple letters/parcels/cards can be pushed through the slots of mail boxes at one go thereby catering to several residents simultaneously. There are few instances of the mail getting lost due to non-availability of address when there is a multi-mailbox installed.

Uniformity – The mailboxes are not only attractive but can brand the entire housing area or the apartment building with a rare uniformity that makes it look exceedingly neat. This adds to the curb appeal resulting in an increased ROI for home owners.

Installation time is cut substantially along with the expense since two of the mailboxes are attached together to a single post. The actual process of installing the boxes happens to be simple too without requiring any specialized services. Furthermore, any missing parts or defects can be reported to the manufacturer immediately and gets to be corrected within the shortest possible time.


Things To Know Before Buying Residential Contemporary Mailboxes

When it comes to purchasing a residential mailbox, most homeowners feel like being in an unfamiliar territory. Unlike patio supplies or furniture, buying a mailbox is a rear instance. It’s one of the most unfamiliar purchases for the homeowners. However, it is an essential accessory that is used on a regular basis. Moreover, it serves as a major designing element of the home and depicts the architectural style of any particular home to the community. So a mailbox is, though infrequent, an important purchase. To ensure getting the best mailbox for a home, let’s have a quick look at the following tips.

  1. Types of mailbox –As it comes to buying a mailbox, homeowners should be aware of available types. There are mainly four types of mailbox available in the market and those are:
  • Wall mount mailbox
  • Post mount mailbox
  • Column mount mailbox
  • Multi mount mailbox

Whether one is planning to buy a new mailbox or replace the existing one, it’s good for the homeowners to contact local postmaster to ensure which type of mailbox would be apt for their residence. Usually there is specification on the type of mailbox to walk up mail delivery in any particular locality.

  1. Features of a mailbox –After choosing the type of mailbox, now it comes to the practical features that most homeowners need in a mailbox. Let’s have a glimpse of the essential features that a mailbox should have.
  • Better locking mechanism– To protect the mails from potential identity theft and mail theft, it’s highly recommended to buy a mailbox with a secure lock. All the above mentioned mailboxes come with sophisticated security features including locking mechanism.
  • Address plaque/house number– As it comes to installing a mailbox in the house, it would be always good to add house number and/or address plaque to let people locate the property easily. So while buying a mailbox, it must be checked if these features are integrated.
  • Other features– Other important features that high quality mailboxes should have may include signal flags (to let the mail carrier understands if outgoing mails are inside the box) and newspaper holders. Homeowners that run home-based business may opt for a bigger mailbox.
  1. Vendors of mailbox –Last but not the least, one must be careful about the buyer they are going to buy the mailbox from. There are a number of companies that operate online without having any physical existence. In many cases, the vendors offer drop ship services without even seeing the products they are going to sell online. So be aware of such stores. It’s good to choose a company that has their physical location. Also deal with a company that offers different varieties of mailboxes to choose from. From contemporary mailboxes to classic, a reputed company is likely to offer it all.

These are just a few of many things that the homeowners must take care of while choosing a mailbox for their home.


Give the Exterior of the Home an Upscale Look with Unique Mailboxes

Cool mailboxes are one of the first contacts with the household, being in the front yard. Available in wide range of styles, materials, and colors, they are truly an extension of one’s home, connecting it with the outer world. Not only does it enhance the curb appeal of the property but also receives important mails and letters delivered by the postmen. This is why some homes prefer having unique mailboxes instead of waiting patiently for postmen to arrive in order to save time and effort. Having a unique mailbox installed in front yard, one can better attend other job without waiting patiently for the mails to arrive.

Even today in the age of online and internet, it is hard to deny the importance of mailboxes for one still expects mails and bills every month. Be it newsletters or billing statement, there is no better alternative to receive the same every day. Since people are busy performing their daily activities, they might not be able to leave the house everyday. With a unique mailbox installed in the front yard, one can be assured that mails will be accepted anytime of the day. Indeed, mailboxes and posts are necessary.

Available in the market are the post mount mailboxes which are designed to complement modern homes. Made up of durable materials, they are now available in different colors and styles. It will definitely add essence to the exterior of the home offering an elegant and stylish look. Usually, the post mount mailboxes are built with aluminum that prevents these from getting rusty despite the fact that it is directly exposed to the changing weather. One should not worry that it will not last long because manufacturer knew the lifetime need of the mailboxes and it is only fitting that they will provide something that will meet one’s demands.

Moreover, some mailboxes and post set come with some brackets especially intended for hanging plants to give it some special touch. Further, if one wishes, one can place some flowering plants on it to make more homely and classy at the same time. This will surely warm the heart of the neighbors when they discover the flowering plants hanging on the mailbox especially when it is placed in front of the beautiful garden.

A unique mailbox can be adorned with custom elements to further express one’s personality and interests. For example, military mailboxes allow Service Members and Veterans to show their pride, and collegiate mailboxes can display the team spirit.

One can also find a number of additional features in decorative mailboxes, such as paper boxes and mailbox locks that suit a range of needs. While upgrading from a ordinary mailbox to an extraordinary one, these added features not only improve the look but also enhance functionality.

With wide variety of mailboxes available in the market, it is high time to buy one with classic feel that adds appeal to the house. The design features and distinctive look can truly accent the home.


Things To Consider When Choosing Home Improvement Mailboxes

Even though the exterior of the home is made up of innumerable design elements from its front door to the windows to the landscaping, the mailbox can be a key component in creating a consistent and attractive curb appeal. The mailbox is the home’s connectivity to the world. Wherever the mailbox is placed it can change the complete appearance of the home. There is no reason why the mailbox should remain only as a functional aspect of the home. The mailbox can in fact become another design element that can help to create the curb appeal for the home.

Nowadays, mailboxes come in various designs and these mailboxes when put up in the front yard can be a style statement.

Those who are looking for new mailbox to make their home stand out can refer to the following points:

  • The first most important point to focus on when choosing a mailbox is the budget. Prices of the mailboxes may vary depending on the styles and the type of materials used to make the mailbox. So, determining a budget is important when choosing the right kind of mailbox.
  • The next important thing to focus on is the style of the mailbox. When choosing the mailbox, consider the appearance of the home and the look of the backyard as well as front yard. For instance, in case of a traditional looking home, it is always better to opt for military or brick mailbox as they bring in a rustic look. On the other hand, in case of modern looking house, one can go for contemporary mailbox.
  • When choosing a mailbox for the home, pay special attention to the hinges of the mailbox which should sturdy, safe and secured. Also check the workmanship well and make sure that all joints are effortlessly put together. Ensure that the mailbox is painted and sealed properly and that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. All these will ensure that the mailbox not only look attractive but can also last for years.
  • Another important thing to consider when choosing the mailbox is to make sure that the mailbox is large enough to handle small packages along with regular letter size mail envelopes.

These are some of the simple things that need to be considered when it comes to choosing home improvement mailboxes.

Those who are looking for a major redesign of the exterior of theirs home may want to consider investing in a mailbox that suits new style. There are a number of mailbox styles that complete with decorative features, accompaniments, and carvings. For a truly ageless look, choose a mailbox that is made from decorative rust proof cast aluminum. The mailbox can work as a medium for the artistic side, or become a crucial piece for the style of choice. When updating the home’s exterior for maximum curb appeal, make sure that the mailbox is also taken into consideration.


Opt For Metal Mailboxes With Locking Mechanisms To Get Maximum Safety

Purchasing a new mailbox might seem easy, but there are a number of guidelines enforced by the United States Postal Service in regard to mailbox specifications. Most of the postal customers are not aware of these guidelines and as a result of which they become confused in case their mailbox has not been approved. Therefore, both residential and commercial mailboxes must meet specific requirements such as box size, mail slot dimensions, location, and identification information. However, it is important to note that some of these rules may not apply depending on the area where one lives.

When it comes to choosing decorative mailboxes, there are almost endless number of mailbox manufacturers available in the United States and most of them sell mailboxes as per the guidelines enforced by the United States Postal Service. Mailboxes educe a sense of tradition and security and are indispensable part of the American front yard.

How to ensure that the mailbox will last longer?

Mailboxes are not only meant to enhance the look of the exterior of the property but can also add a sense of security, durability and safety. One should look for a mailbox that has been manufactured, designed using finest decorative cast aluminum which is further blended with high quality stainless and brass hardware, outdone with a finish that promises that the mailbox will never corrode. The cast aluminum curbside mailboxes, dual and quad mailboxes, locking mailboxes, brick mailbox replacement doors, two inch brass mailbox numbers and wall mount mailboxes made from these above mentioned materials ensure maximum durability and long shelf life.

Benefits of choosing locking mailbox

Homeowners are very much concerned about mailbox vandalism and mail theft; thus, now days, they opt for the locking mailboxes that help in safeguarding the precious mail and the contents that one receives from the mailman. These locking mailboxes offer a varied range of benefits such as:

  • Locking mailboxes can endure mailbox bashing as they have exceptional strength and durability

  • Mailboxes with locking features can protect confidential mails like credit card information, prescriptions, and bank statements from getting into the wrong hands.

  • The locking mailboxes are usually much larger and wider in size and can hold a large number of mails. This allows the homeowners to pick up the emails on alternate days.

These are some of the benefits that locking mailboxes offer.

Nowadays, most mailbox manufacturers offer customized mailboxes to meet the requirement of the customers, for instance metal mailboxes can be ordered with a locking mechanism to prevent theft, vandalism and to get maximum safety and security.

So, the next time one plans to invest on a new mailbox, it is always better to choose a reputed mailbox manufacturer that offers United States Postal Service approved mailboxes.


Tips On How To Choose The Best Decorative Mailboxes

Often ignored, mailboxes are influential when it comes to creating the first impression of one’s home. The mailbox is the first thing that visitors see once they enter the property. Simply investing a few more dollars into the mailbox can meaningfully increase the value of the house. The mailbox is an extension of the house, and it should reflect the quality. Stay away from or low-quality mailboxes as they either lose sheen quickly or have a short shelf life.

A number of factors must be considered when it comes to choosing the pretty mailboxes for home or community. Even though how a mailbox looks is important, it is more important to consider the durability and maintenance of the mailbox. Listed below are some of the tips that would help in choosing the right mailbox:

  • Prior to relocating the mailbox, it is important to contact the local post office and seek consent for the move. One can change the mailbox as long as it is USPS approved, and the permission is granted to move the mailbox to another location on the same property.

  • In case of a traditional looking house, perhaps classic mailboxes with stainless and brass hardware would be ideal. This type of mailboxes can come in various styles and with various functions such as double mailbox, quadruple mailboxes, locking mailboxes as well as curbside mailboxes, wall mounted mailboxes and decorative brick mailbox doors. In case the house has a large modernist front, ask for a cast aluminum mailbox or metal mailbox. In case the home offers a blend of traditional and modern look then wrought iron curbside mailboxes or the metal mailboxes can do wonder.

  • When it comes to choosing the size, there are no rules as such. Those who get larger packages and like the accessories to make a bold statement can opt for larger and colorful mailboxes. Those who prefer to opt for simple and sophisticated design elements can choose smaller mailboxes.

  • Most of the homeowners choose the color of the mailbox based on the color of the home and the other accessories on the entrance and front courtyard. Black is usually the most preferred choice as it adds contrast and attractiveness and looks classic and spotless and stands out. In addition, one can also opt for other color options.

These are some of the simple tips that can help in choosing the right kind of decorative mailboxes.

Once a mailbox has been installed, do not forget to revamp the numbers on the mailbox and add a light source close to the area as this will reduce the chance of visitors and mailman missing the house.